Am I required to show my ex itemized receipts on how I spend child support funds?

There is no requirement that the custodial parent show proof of how the funds given as child support are spent. If there is a question of the care and welfare of the children, the plaintiff (whoever files the allegations) has to prove by a preponderance of evidence abuse, neglect or mistreatment. Even then, it will still not boil down to a breakdown of receipts and expenditures. Any determination by the court will be based on the overall well-being of the child/ren.

Child support funds can be used broadly for the care and maintenance of the child, including paying rent, buying food, gas or other provisions that may be shared by other members of the family.  However, the custodial parent should bear in mind that the child support payments are not intended as a “stipend” to the custodial parent’s life-style.  The funds should be used in some way that benefit the child, directly or indirectly.


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