Working with Attorney Matta

My practice is focused mostly on divorce, child custody, child support and family law, along with wills and estates. This is very personal legal work and the issues can be quite sensitive. It is my goal to make our relationship effective but also comfortable.

When you visit my home office, you will find a comfortable and private setting without stodgy furniture and hard surfaced meeting rooms. Instead, a warm and friendly environment awaits, where we can discuss your situation in private.

photo of comfortable and personal working area

Working with Attorney Matta is not a difficult process. Once we meet and discuss your situation, we sign a retainer agreement that establishes me as your attorney and we handle payment arrangements, typically by cash or check. I work quickly and quietly to draft any legal documents that you need, and we can even sign documents online using electronic signatures. I send copies of any documents or notes that I generate to you in email or via the postal service, and most consultations are quick phone calls.

Please feel free to contact me to understand a little more about who I am and how we can work well together.

Contact Estela Matta, Esq. at (617) 500-7508 or via email at If you’d prefer, you can click on the button below to fill out a form to contact me.