Custody and Child Support

Children become a major concern when families break up or after you are divorced.  From custody arrangements to child support to visitation schedules, ensuring that your children get the care and support they need from both parents can be complex, requiring expert legal advice.

Turn to Matta Law. Attorney Matta has worked with clients in almost every imaginable custody and parenting situation. Whether you are just beginning to contemplate custody issues, or you are struggling with your former partner, Attorney Matta can represent your case in  court, and help you to avoid the pitfalls of child custody and support. She can help you to:

  • Establish custody of the children
  • Get a child support order from the court
  • Modify an existing child support order 
  • Terminate child support obligations
  • Negotiate payments from your former spouse or partner to meet court obligations
  • Work out parenting agreements for the children’s living and schooling arrangement

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